April O’Neil and Yurizan Beltran

Rocco Reed is an attorney who is trying to serve Yurizan Beltran an order to appear in court. The gorgeous girl April O’Neil who answers the door says she isn’t Yurizan Beltran, but her roommate April O’Neil instead. April O’Neil pumps him for information on what the problem is, and right as Yurizan Beltran is making her move to seduce the hapless attorney, April O’Neil appears and calls her “Yurizan”! Rocco Reed is confused, and Yurizan Beltran has to go over and whisper the situation AND ask April O’Neil for her help. Maybe these 2 conniving girls can get out of a legal jam with big boobs and a tight pussy.

Yurizan Beltran, April O’Neil and Rocco Reed in 2 Chicks Same Time